Instrumentation and Control Systems services will include all engineering, design, procurement, and installation requirements for field instrumentation, control and monitoring systems, emergency shutdown systems and gas alarm systems.

Convergence Engineering & Development‘s work will include, but not be limited to, the following:

– Prepare data sheets cause and effect charts
– Develop instrument data sheets
– Complete instrument index; detailing instrument tag numbers, location, service and type
– Develop all final instrumentation control and monitoring symbology on P&ID’s utilizing Project standard instrument symbology
–Prepare and issue data sheets for flow elements, control valves
–Check and confirm all preliminary sizing, as well as material and type selections, of such devices for licensed unit
–Review and comment on subcontractor/supplier engineered packages
–Incorporate supplier requirements, as applicable, in the final design and engineering
–Prepare cable schedules, cable layouts and instrument location drawings
–Prepare loop and logic diagrams
–Define requirements of process analyzers including allocation to houses
–Review machine monitoring supplier design to ensure suitability of the equipment proposed and confirm consistency with project standards
–Complete control room layout and ITR layout
–Complete functional description for sequence control or safe guarding systems and other complicated control systems
–Review and approve subcontractor/Supplier supplied control and monitoring software and hardware, specifications, data sheets, procedures, wiring and connection drawings and all other related instrumentation information
–Prepare wiring connection lists
–Supervise the ITR supplier design to ensure requirements of all control system suppliers will be accommodated and resolve any conflicts which may arise
–Prepare equipment location, installation and interconnection drawings
–Review software/hardware data, specifications and other related information, work sheets and procedures
–Prepare construction and installation specifications and drawings
–Conduct model review of instrument locations, access and provide procedures describing methods to be used to ensure model review comments are properly followed up, and when necessary, incorporated into the design
–Provide layout drawings of all equipment within fiscal metering and analyzer shelter.  Include interface details for all required piping and electrical connections
–Items (proximity switch targets, limit switch connections, etc.), interconnecting wiring and all other requirements necessary for full functionality
–Perform pressure testing of field instruments as required by Project specifications
–Perform loop test and functional logic and sequence test including foundation field bus instrument
–Provide a comprehensive drawing listing of all instrument list, drawings, specifications and other deliverable documentation
–Perform and issue a material take-off and summary for all installation materials
–Perform all material requisition and purchase requisition preparation, submittal, expediting, inspection and recording activities for all instrumentation
–Participate in tests and inspections relating to instrumentation items and systems which are part of mechanical equipment package factory tests. Typical items such as PLC’s, Anti-surge Controllers, Machinery Monitoring etc. may be included
–Perform factory tests for major instrumentation items such as PCS, PSS, ESD, Fire & Gas, fiscal metering, analyzer systems
–Perform Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT)
–Perform Communication Test with packages as required by Project specifications​
–Store and calibrate all instrumentation items as required by Project specifications
–Perform installation of instrument cable tray and cabling
–Perform installation of instrument junction boxes, local panels and cabinets in building.
–Perform installation of all field instruments including all supports and nameplates, process hook-ups, instrument air hook-ups, connection and alignment to mechanical