Oil & Gas

Downstream capabilities

Many of our projects have been revamps of units that have resulted in short-term payouts, resulting in improvements of a refinery’s profitability. We approach every project aligned with our client’s goals – lowering operating costs, increasing production and / or meeting regulatory requirements. In addition, our team is well experienced at execution of “brownfield” refinery projects. Convergence engineering understands the challenges in re-use of equipment and the special needs of revamp projects, while working around a turnaround schedule or in operational process units.

Upstream capabilities

Our upstream oil and gas clients have been facing yet another tumultuous time in the industry after experiencing record setting growth. With crude oil and natural gas both at historical lows, hard decisions have to be made, and increased efficiency is the name of the game. This means our production clients are continuously challenged to execute cost-effective, fast-paced projects.Convergence engineering accomplishes this by developing designs that allow for equipment re-use, anticipating future needs, incorporating value engineering and providing full engineering, procurement and construction services. Whether there is a need to augment staff, explore integrating new technologies to increase production efficiency, help an organization comply with regulatory mandates we have the experience and know-how to help our clients reach a solution.