Convergence Engineering & Development sources and coordinates delivery of high-quality materials and services to support in Procurement & Logistics domain in term of  operations and projects.

Our supply chain management team, which includes sourcing, logistics, and contracting specialists, works to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct are maintained in all their operations.

Our clients are well-known world operators : SONATRACH (GCB ,ENSP,SORFERT ,ENAC ..)

we offer our Clients :

  • Consulting and Commercial Orientation
  • Technical Analysis
  • Audit and Suppliers Selection
  • Supplier Supervision and technical documents validation
  • Shipment consulting

We also have the ability to answer you needs in big or small quantity for specific items :

  • Piping & fittings
  • Mechanical equipements
  • Instrumentation & Electrical
  • Spare parts