Our partners are leader of Pharmaceutical EPC company:

Industrial (White) Biotechnology

– Biorefineries

– Intermediate chemicals

– Starch

– Biofuels

– Biopolymers

– Enzymes

– Algae

– Food additives

Pharmaceutical (Red) Biotechnology

– Active pharmaceutical ingredients

– Insulin

– Pharmaceutical finished dosage

– forms

– Fractionation of blood plasma

Engineering team focused on requirements compliance to manufacture approved drugs in terms of quality medicines, safety and efficiency.

Specialized in pharmaceutical engineering for:

– High activity

– Sterile

– Biotechnology

– R&D

– General forms

HVAC Equipment:

Achieving the scope required of each production area:

– Air flow in terms of proper and sufficient quantity to achieve and maintain levels of cleanliness and temperature conditions required.

– To avoid the risk of cross contamination between areas by performing a pressure scale.

– Ensure that the air driven and rejected to outside is properly filtered.

– Ensure good air sweeping.

– Obtain a directional air flow from the access area up inside. 

Auxiliary and process equipment:

We offer a complete service, including engineering and design of auxiliary facilities and Process Solutions.

We have a long experience in the management and implementation of pharmaceutical plants incorporating

compressed air systems, steam, electricity, technical gases, hot water and process installations and equipment.

Clean room design:

Compliance of standards requirements defining quality materials, completely smooth surfaces to facilitate