Convergence Engineering & Development Piping engineers will perform the following activities:

– Key Plot Plans will show the facilities subdivided into geographic construction areas and their corresponding documentation

– Review the Project specifications and documents included in the scope of work, for any inadequacies, discrepancies, conflicts, etc., and with Company approval update and issue the same for engineering

– Where specifications or standards are not available, prepare Project specific, self-contained and stand-alone specifications or standards for Company approval

– Review, check and approve all applicable supplier calculations, drawings and data and incorporate requirements in design and engineering

– Stress analysis for piping where required

– Prepare all documentation for fabrication, erection and installation of piping

– Complete piping studies, Equipment Layouts and Plot Plans, Sections, etc., for engineering and construction.

– Prepare Piping General Arrangement Drawings (GAD’s) in 3 D Model

– Pipe supports: In addition to pipe supports location and definition shown on piping Drawings, the following will be furnished:

 + Spring supports drawing showing support number, movements, hot and cold loads, preset loads

 +List and specifications of spring supports, with recommendations regarding erection and calibration

 +Drawings of special supports

– Piping Isometrics will cover:

+ All line components with full dimensions

+ A list of materials with short description

+ Reference Drawings such as P&ID’s

+ Co-ordinates at the beginning and end of the line on each isometric drawing

+ Nozzle and platform orientation

+ Pipe supports

– Material Take-Off and summaries unit-wise and facility-wise for piping and support materials, issued at   different design stages and show for each item the size, schedule, ratings, facings, quantity,weights,​​ etc

– Prepare material and purchase requisitions (RFQ’s) for piping and support materials

– Technical Evaluation Report will be made for piping items and should show compliance of material offered    against those specified, compliance to codes and standards, formal conformity with technical specifications and material requisition

– Prepare piping material classes

– Prepare a Piping Line list to cover all information