Convergence Engineering & Development Process engineers will perform the following activities:

– Development of process data sheets for equipment. This includes checking, updating and revising process information where necessary to ensure consistency with Project Specifications and that the intent of the original process design is met. Ensure that individual equipment items as well as entire systems are safe and operable.

– Participation in the technical evaluation of supplier’s proposals for critical process related equipment, such as pumps, vessel internals, heat exchangers, air fin coolers, packaged equipment, compressors and gas turbines.

– Development of P&IDs, including coordination of P&ID’s for all packaged and major multi-disciplinary equipment items such as compressors and turbines so that interfaces are clearly delineated.

– Preparation of utility summary, effluent summary and material selection diagram.

– Development of line list with process data.

– Development of instrument data sheets with process data, including shutdown system.

– Input for control narrative and preparation of interlock narratives and Cause & Effect Diagram.

– Design relief and blowdown systems. Size relief valves in accordance with general arrangement drawings, plot plan, final equipment sizes and supplier’s data.

– Development of hydraulic calculations, including flare and relief systems. The calculations are based on general arrangement and isometric drawings where required. Calculate net positive suction pressure head (NPSH) available to satisfy requirements of selected pumps.

– Perform thermal rating for shell & tube exchangers

– Participation in model review meetings

– Dynamic simulations

– Preparation of operation manuals

– Update PFD and Material Balance to maintain its consistency with design development

– Preparation of calculation notes in accordance with international code& standards

– RAM Study

– Flow Assurance Study

​​​Process Control Engineering 

– Develop a PCS based complex process control narrative with Process & Instrument & Control engineers

– Review process control narratives prepared by package SUPPLIERs

– Review PCS supplier’s document related to the complex control narrative​